Dolphin Bay - Pak Nam Pran (20kms)

Starting in Dolphin Bay, this 2-hour ride is a perfect introduction to an XC kite trip. For the first 12kms, the wind is cross-onshore, meaning that if you get into difficulty in the first section, you’ll end up back on the beach almost straight away.

The water in Dolphin Bay is mellow and shallow, as the islands of Sam Roi Yot provide protection from the southerly swell.

The riding on this section is easy and rewarding with great scenery, laminar winds and a wind direction that puts us   on a direct path to our destination.The second section is crossshore and a little more demanding.  

Before we get there, we need to navigate around the iconic Khao Kalok rock. We head out to sea 1km or so to avoid encountering turbulence and/or windshadow, but once past the rock, we are back in familiar territory and we can stick right on the coast in any number of the shallow lagoons hugging the beach. It’s 8kms from here to our destination in Pak Nam Pran – the Beachhouse Bar!

$60 per person - incl transport, lunch & guiding. 

SEASON: Feb-June 

Pak Nam Pran - Hua Hin (30kms)

This XC trip is a bit more demending, as there are a number of hazards we must navigate around and it is 50% longer. The route takes us through some outstanding coastline, and past some very important temple sites.

We start at Casuarina Beach in Pak Nam Pran, so the first stretch on the water is in in crosshore winds and familiar surroundings. After 6kms we reach the Beachhouse – where we have a quick H2O stop.

Back on the water again, from here onwards we have a number of features to navigate around, and Graham will have identified the proposed kiting route through these features before leaving the Beachhouse.

Once past the pier, the rivermouth, and the islands, we are on the home run – although it is further than you think to Hua Hin, so we stop for another refreshment break at a place that you would only ever find from the sea.

The final 10kms is tough on the muscles, but you can smell the marinated steak on the BBQ and that’s enough to get us home to our destination – at the SurfSpot.

$80 per person - incl transport, guiding & BBQ

SEASON: Feb-June 

Multi-day kite bivouac trips

As part of our ongoing exploration of Thailand's coastline, not only for kiteboarding but also paragliding, we are planning a multiday kite & fly tour in the Gulf of Thailand in Spring 2014.

Having already completed an unsupported 200km multi-day kite trip in this part of Thailand, Graham will be leading this  expedition. The plan has yet to be finalised, but interested parties should contact Graham for further information.

The bivouac kite trip is unsupported and is not for casual kiters. You will need to have excellent kiting & swimming skills, endurance, good judgment, fortitude and patience. If you're convinced that you've got the requisite qualifications - get in touch for a chat.

Contact us for further information


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