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Teague and manu flying at 'Khao Daeng' 


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We have learned that the best way to ensure everyone flies as much as possible and gets exactly what they want out of their time in Thailand, is to remain flexible throughout the tour, but in particular with respect to our daily flying destinations. We generally decide the night before where we will fly the next day. This way we are taking pilots to the best possible flying site based on the most current weather data in conjunction with each pilot's desires and goals as they evolve throughout the tour. 

We start fairly early most mornings to take advantage of the morning convergence lift which often forms right over the beach soon after 9am. This is the tropics! Daily travel times are variable depending on where we decide to fly on the day, but our premier flying sites are all within a 20 minute drive from the tour base.

During the tour we may utilise any combination of one of our 2 foot launch sites or 5 tow launch sites, all of which are great starting points for reliable user friendly XC - and most offer great soaring potential too. 

Both Dolphin Bay & Paradise Bay offer pilots the unique opportunity to release from tow and potentially do anything they like, from long XC flights (100km +), to local out and returns above picturesque coastal mountains. Paradise Bay is a class soaring (& XC) site, with a 1km headland and a 35 storey condo to soar, and above which the morning convergence works like clockwork. A little to the south, Dolphin Bay offers a cirque of 500m mountains dropping down into the ocean. It's spectacular to fly here.  

There are too many ridge soaring locations to list, and of course there are the ubiquitous SIV & Acro training runs available at any time from all of our tow locations.

Our latest site discovery in 2015, 'Khao Daeng' is a perfect spot to build confidence, with reliable thermo-dynamic winds that offer the perfect bridge between soaring and thermic flight - suitable especially for pilots that want to increase their airtime and build confidence. 

In addition to our local tow and foot launch sites, there is an excellent flying site further to the south in the province of 'Chumphon'. We take a scenic drive down to this beautiful region, staying for two nights in a beach hotel in a beautiful tropical bay. We include a half day snorkelling trip to the remote and spectacular islands off Thung Wualem beach and plenty of thermic / dynamic flying at the spectacular local site 'Khao Pang'. If you want to scuba dive, you can do that here as a bolt-on to your trip.



  • Airport pickup / drop off.
  • Welcome dinner & Thai BBQ on the final night
  • 9 days guiding
  • Comfortable A/C accommodation close to the beach
  • All transport and retrieves
  • Boat trip to Monkey Island & Sam Roi Yot National Park
  • Scooter hire
  • Boat trip and snorkeling at Koh Ngam Yai, Chumphon
  • Unlimited use of 300 Peaks custom built tow boat on towing days
  • Use of all necessary towing equipment; Tow Bridles and Life Jackets
  • Pak Nam Pran River tour
  • 2 hours of Kitesurfing lessons
  • Thai cooking class



  • International flights
  • Visa costs
  • Food and drink on the tour (except for welcome dinner & BBQ)
  • Fuel for scooters
  • Scuba diving 
  • Laundry
  • Insurance

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