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For the 2019 season, we have not scheduled any firm flying tour dates just yet, but that does not necessarily mean that we are not running any flying tours.

As in 2018, we will be running a number of SIV and XC courses from mid February to early March 2019. We are leaving the rest of March open for the moment, but will undoubtedly be scheduling some flying activities later in the year. We will allocate time for flying tours if there is sufficient demand for it, but if there is insufficient demand, we may continue to run SIV and XC/thermalling courses. 

We will organise our Thailand flying tours on a bespoke basis for groups of 5 pilots or more. Please see below for details about our flying tour and when is the best time to come to Thailand for XC. If you are a group of pilots looking to experience flying in paradise during our 2018 season, please get in touch with us and let us know more about your group and when you would like to come out to Thailand. 


Framed by coconut plantations, pineapple fields and dense jungle-covered mountains, the province of Prachuap Khiri Khan is one of the last undiscovered gems in the Gulf of Thailand. Not only is the coastline spectacularly beautiful with a handful of National Parks and iconic landmarks, it is also an area that has escaped exploitation. This is Thailand like it was in the old days - with pristine coastlines offering charming and secluded bays and plenty of privacy. 

Our Thailand tour is 11 days long, with 9 flying days.  Our HQ is the town of Pak Nam Pran, a traditional squid fishing village some 230km south of Bangkok. The town has excellent facilities with quality restaurants, hotels, bars and shops within easy reach. The food of course is also exceptional, and very reasonably priced. The villa is a short distance from the main kiteboarding beach, and right in the middle of our flying area. We provide you with a scooter too, assuring you the freedom to get out & explore.

We have bundled together a handful of great flying sites for this tour (see our flying sites guide), and we kick off with a towing day at one of our premier flying sites (either Dolphin Bay or Paradise Bay) - here you will be instructed in / reacquainted with tow launch technique - and get comfortable under the wing again.

In the following days, we will fly the coastal mountain ranges of Pak Nam Pran and Sam Roi Yot, launching right from the beach. With names like Dolphin's Bay, Paradise Bay or Casuarina Beach, it's not hard to imagine the scene. One minute you're into a delicious squid salad on the beach, the next you're topping out on the tow at 1000m asl, and heading straight into the first of many clouds as you connect the cloud street to the flats & mountain ranges in the interior. 

On the 6th day, we take a road trip to Chumphon, where we mix up some great soaring / XC flights with some sublime snorkelling  or scuba diving* in the crystal clear and fish rich waters just a few kms from our lodges on the beach. The flying site is a 3km ridge with foot launches facing east and west and is especially good in the late afternoon.

Back in Pak Nam Pran for some XC flying for a few more days, we build on our knowledge of the area, and choose our flying venue according to the conditions. If the wind ever gets too strong, Pak Nam Pran is one of the hottest new venues for kiteboarding, and the coastline is transformed into a collage of kites. But if you've got your timing right, and you've connected the clouds, you may already have made the break into the interior - and away from the sea-breeze.

Khao Den is a foot launch site about 70km to the north west of Pak Nam Pran, which has enormous potential. In March 2014, one of our tour guests flew over 80km from here, and was nudging the Burmese border by the time he came in to land. The XC opportunities are huge, and there is an excellent road network allowing easy & comfortable retrieves.  

In the event that we have unsuitable conditions for paragliding, we have teamed up with a local kiteboarding outfit so you can get out on the water instead! Pak Nam Pran is an up-and-coming kiteboarding spot. If you've never kiteboarded before, then a bad day for flying could well be the perfect opportunity to give it a try.

The tour package includes 2 hours of lessons by a certified IKO instructor.

* Denotes additional payment required.


Our package is designed to take care of all the background arrangements, leaving you to enjoy your stay without needing to worry about organising anything more complicated than what to eat next. Accommodation is on a self-catering basis in a luxury villa, leaving you the freedom to sample and enjoy the great variety of cheap & delicious local cuisine.

You can't go wrong in Thailand, and we think we have found a wonderful place to fly here. On the rare occasions it gets too windy for flying, or if you fancy a break from the flying, it's a perfect place to learn kiteboarding with warm shallow lagoons and laminar winds.


Gain towing skills in a safe and friendly environment at 'The Dam' - a vast freshwater lake surrounded by mountains.


Whether you want to soar 300m cliffs right over the ocean or fly XC over mountains & flatlands, we've got it all covered.


Airport & site transfers, XC retrieves & even scooter hire: all you need to do is turn up at the airport.

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